Common-Sensor LTD.


The CommonSensor is a computerized irrigation interface that represents an entirely innovative and revolutionary approach to irrigation: Rather than have the farmer make the watering choices, all daily irrigation decisions are made by the plant. This is achieved by enabling the plant control of the irrigation valve, and thus of its water supply, via the CommonSensor.

CommonSensor Features

  • Full automation: The plant itself controls the irrigation amounts and irrigation intervals, according to its varying daily needs. The  farmer need only stand by and watch.
  • This plant-side control saves considerable amounts of water. Field results have shown savings that range  from 20% to an amazing saving of 75%.
  • Along with water savings, land and water sources pollution caused by fertilizers are proportionally reduced.
  • Field records have shown an increase in the amount and quality of the crops.
  • The farmer can control the plants’ growth and the irrigation depth through the  CommonSensor‘s adjustable parameters.
  • The CommonSensor is compatible with all plants, irrigation systems, and water quality –  including saline water.


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About Us

CommonSensor Ltd. was founded in 2001 by Moshe Tzori, an agriculture innovator from moshav Nir-Banim in Israel.

The company focuses on green technology, helping you produce more crop with less resources. Our main product, the wireless CommonSensor will let your plant water itself in the most efficient way, save up to 75% of water consumption and report to you on it's activity 24 hours a day.

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